Might as well try…

If anyone, and I mean ANYONE is willing to sell me either of the two sister packs the werecat twins + Clawdeen & Howleen- I would be so grateful! If you know where to get them, or you happen to see them in stores somewhere, PLEASE snag a box for me. Just let me know and I will promptly compensate you via paypal for whatever the cost + shipping. Just so bummed that I never came across either at Target or TRU, and now the amazon prices for each are getting ridiculous again. -_- Thanks!

Friday April 13th

It would be awesome if this is true, and my local Walmart is one of the 250. I’ve been hunting all week/end between Target(s), Walmart, Toys R Us, & Kmart, and all the shelves everywhere have been cleaned the fuck out. Hoping I can catch a break soon!

ps: if anyone knows where or how I can get my hands on those werecat twins, do tell!!


Apparently on April 13th over 250 walmarts are going to be stocked to the gills with sweet 1600 dolls and Rochelle and Jackson! Now, this may just be a rumor, but be sure to check because you never know!